Deputy Speaker; Finance Ministry Didn't Offer Alternatives to Lifting Fuel Subsidy

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    Omdurman - Samia Ahmed Mohammed, deputy speaker of parliament, said the gradual lifting of fuel subsidy is not new; especially after having been passed by the parliament along with the passing of the tripartite program.

    She said the question which poses itself here is whether the economic sector was successful in implementing the goals of the tripartite program and whether the citizenry are able to withstand subsidy lifting.
    Samia commented on her own questions saying she believes that the emergency program, and t great deal, will not be implemented as intended, adding that the ministry of finance did not offer any new alternatives to fuel subsidy lifting.
    Whether the subsidy is lifted or not, she went on to say, no real performance in increasing production has taken place and subsidy lifting is not a core solution but rather patching solution. She affirmed that a core solution to the economic structure lies in increasing production.
    She called on the economic sector to target that goal in coordination with concerned entities to turn subsidy lifting policies into core-solution policies instead of patching ones.

    By Hana Abdul Hai
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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