Sudanese Italian Economic Forum to Be Held in Rome

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    Khartoum - Ali Ahmed Karti, Minister of Foreign Affairs, headed yesterday the preparatory meeting of the Sudanese Italian Economic Forum which will be held in Rome in October between the 3rd and the 5th, 2013.

    The ministers and undersecretaries of the ministries of minerals, animal resources, and tourism and antiquities and the state ministers of finance, telecommunications, and the minister of finance of River Nile and representatives of the Business Owners and Employers Dederation, bank presidents, and the resident representative of the United Nations as well as the representative of the UNIDO took part in the meeting.
    The forum in Rome, said the foreign minister, is a continuation of the successful forums previously held in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Spain. These forums, he continued, contributed notably in enhancing economic relations between Sudan and these countries and the countries of the European continent.
    As a result of these forums and conferences, there is a heavy economic and investment drive from companies from Germany and Spain and led to the formation of Sudanese, Spanish, and Gulf region countries' consortia in the field of industry targeting the markets of the Gulf region, COMESA, and the local Sudanese market, stated the minister.
    The forum's programs consists of 4 sessions covering the opportunities  and fields of investment in Sudan, models of successful investments in Sudan, issues of financing and banks, the role of UN developmental organizations in Sudan. The forum will also provide opportunities for meetings between Sudanese and Italian companies and business men and women. There will also be cultural and arts programs accompanying the forum as well as a documentary film showing and performances based on heritage as well as exhibitions.
    On the sidelines of the forum, a conference for Sudanese ambassadors in Europe will be held as well.

    By Hana Abdul Hai
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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