Sudanese Experts to Discuss Biodiversity Issues and Climate Impacts

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    Khartoum – The Project Manager of Biodiversity, Sudan Prof. Ahmed S. El-Wakeel said the project’s objective is to integrate Sudan’s obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) into its national

    development and sector planning frameworks through a renewed and participative biodiversity planning and strategizing process in a manner that is in line with the global guidance contained in the CBD’s strategic plan for 2011-2020.
    El-Wakeel said yesterday in the forum of Biodiversity that the Economic valuation and climate change impacts on Biodiversity said the new CBD strategic plan adopted at COP -10 in 2010 in Nagoya, clearly addresses the need for updating NBSAPs stating in Target 17 that by 2015 each party has commenced the implementation of an effective participatory and updated the national biodiversity strategy and action plan.
    Dr. Asia Adam Mohamed, member of the Working Group Report on Economic Valuation for mainstreaming of Biodiversity and Ecosystem services said the objective of the report to improve the policies and management and conservation and to recognize the importance of the economic valuation.
    The Climate Change Impacts and Opportunities for Biodiversity and Ecosystems forum was presented by Dr. Abdallah Gaafar Mohamed on behalf of the Working Group.

    By Haffiya Elyas
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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