S. Sudan's Government Practically Committed to Implement Oil Agreements, Ministry

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    Khartoum - Sudan's Ministry of Petroleum announced that the oil agreements signed with South Sudan are being implemented smoothly and in complete cooperation between the two countries and that the government of South Sudan has shown full commitment regarding payments.

    The 2nd meeting of the mechanism dedicated for overseeing the implementation of the cooperation agreements between Sudan and South Sudan was held yesterday. It was headed by the Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti and attended by ministers of concern.
    The participants in the meeting assessed the course of implementing the cooperation agreements regarding trade and the opening of border crossings.
    In semi-annual report on Africa, the World Bank explained that economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is still strong and is expected to reach 4.9% in 2013.
    According to the report which analyzes the issues of economic activity in Africa, a third of the continent's are growing by a percentage of 6% or more, marking Africa countries as the fastest growing among the world's.
    Dr. Sabir Mohammed Alhassan, official in charge of handling Sudan's foreign debt, announced yesterday that a meeting was held at the World Bank regarding the relief of debt of Sudan and South Sudan.
    Ali Karti, the foreign minister, said that the meetings he held in New York, Brussels, and Rome showed that the countries concerned, with respect with the debt issue, are willing to deal with the political aspect of the issue more positively.
    On a separate issue, a representative of the transport ministry announced that the ministry had completed preparations to resume river transport between Sudan and South Sudan, with 246 river transport vehicles ready to be out to work in the river transport sector.
    He also announced that South Sudan's transport minister will visit Sudan early next month to sign an agreement between the two countries with regard to the transport sector.

    By Hana Abdul Hai
    (Sudan Vision Daily)




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