Second Economic Forum Kicks off November 23

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    Khartoum - The head of the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) and head of the higher committee for the 2nd economic forum, Dr. Al-Tijani Al-Sisi, said the forum enjoys the attention and is backed by the political will of the government so as to produce policies leading to the enhancement of the economic status in the country.

    The forum requires the joining of efforts and availing the opportunity for those who prize the interests of the country above all, said Dr. Al-Sisi.
    The papers which had been prepared to be presented at the forum are not academic but rather ones designed to deal with the issue of national economy, he added.
    It is worth mentioning that the forum will kick off on Saturday November 23rd under the emblem of "Towards balanced and sustainable development". The participants in the forum include economic and financial experts, university professors and researchers, researchers at scientific research centers, heads and representatives of regional and international organizations, and experts from the UN, IMF, World Bank, and Islamic Development Bank. The forum will also focus on economic and financial reform experiences in developing nations, among other things, over the course of two days.
    The higher committee had, in the past two days, approved the program of the forum and the preparation of the papers in the economic and financial reform field and the impact of such reform on social status, public sector, private sector, monetary sector, and foreign sector as well as balanced regional development.

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    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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