CBS: Commodities and Services Prices Went Up

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    Khartoum - Prices hike of consumer  commodities   reached  35.2  %  over the last ten  months, compared  to 32.1 % over last year, discloses a report issued by  central  bureau of  statistics . Based on the report, inflation recorded 40.3 %, against 29.4 last September, and was heading upward.

    The report goes on to disclose that transport rates have increased by 50.8 %, the highest ever, while housing rents increases were slight, reaching 4.8 %. Meanwhile, the average of prices hike monitored   last October   was 358.5 points, compared to 330.2 during last September. The report attributed the prices hike in the percentage of consumer commodities to the increase of foodstuffs and beverage prices.

    By Shadia Basheri
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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