Tips for keeping your kitchen clutter-free

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    Food is associated with happy times and family gatherings. All festivities are planned around food. Every family has at least one special recipe that has been passed on to them by their mother or grandmother. All festivals

    around the world have one special dish associated with them and the food is very much part of one’s culture and heritage.

    In a home, it is the dining room where the full family comes together to enjoy meals and share their lives. The dining room is a central point in the house where people with different ideas merge to create a loving family. Feng Shui for the dining room should be an integral part of the house design and must be implemented to make the family meals an enjoyable experience.

    Shapes and objects affect energy around us. Keeping that principle in mind, ideally oval or round shaped dining tables are ideal to help keep the energy flow smooth. Odd shaped dining tables and protruding sharp corners create harsh energy and lead to fights in the dining room. Avoid placing a large television in this area to reduce fire energy. One other added advantage of avoiding a television in the dining room is that people will be focused on food and conversation, rather than fixated on technology. Vibrant colours can be used to enhance family interaction. Certain colours help in boosting physical activity and will encourage healthy eating. Using yin or soothing colours in the dining room may lead to stagnant energy, which in turn would lead to overeating and lethargy.

    If your dining room window overlooks a good view, place a mirror opposite the window to attract that good energy in your room. Placing green plants and displaying flowers will also enhance the energy flow and help maintain a harmonious environment. Vibrant paintings and family photographs can adorn the walls to help create a family atmosphere. Lighting in the dining room should be bright and energizing. In many modern homes there is an open kitchen leading to the dining room. This kind of design is not Feng Shui friendly, but can be rectified by creating a demarcation between kitchen and the dining room with the use of colours or partitions.

    Keeping your dining room clutter free will enhance good family relationships and create a strong family.

    By Shivani Adalja
    (Khaleej Times)

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