The New Colourful Mode : Sudanese in New Trend to Own Paintings

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    The Sudanese are becoming more interested in buying paintings to be used for home decoration as opposed to the past when such interest was more evident in tourists.

    Sudan Vision took a tour near the National Museum and met the artists who pointed out their paintings which reflect the shiny face of Sudan considering they stand for the climatic, cultural, and biological diversity of the country.
    According to Plastic Artist Abdallah Ahmed Eisa, the government must encourage all the people with talent in different art fields because artists reflect the shiny face of the homeland.
    The beginning of the opening up to the public through free painting galleries was in 2010 under the auspices of the Khartoum State's Ministry of Culture and Information, he added. He also pointed out that several fairs were staged on the Nile Avenue due to the heavy presence of tourists in it and those fairs have promoted greatly the plastic art in Sudan.
    Answering a question about which category appears to be more interested in obtaining paintings, Eisa explained that Sudanese women are more interested considering they care more about the aesthetic appearance of their house in terms of decoration and interior coordination.
    He also pointed out that he is more inclined to use abstract art and is working to promote this kind of style among the Sudanese.

    Artist Mahjoub Mohammed Daleel said he did not receive art education; it was only a hobby from when he was young. He explained that he took part in a number of local gallery showings and noticed that most of the buyers were tourists; especially in winter and autumn. The state government provided us with stands. He also explained that there are no set prices and they depend on the buyer's interest in the painting and how much they're willing to pay.
    A professional painter Afrah Alamin said most of her drawings are on cloth and glass and that she uses oil colors. The Sudanese, she said prefer paintings depicting their environment such as one with birds, trees, and pet animals. The tourists on the other hand, she continued, prefer paintings showing Sudanese heritage and paintings of abstract art.
    Alamin expressed the opinion that Sudanese people have not developed a taste for art in the painting form yet and that is why they do not have painting galleries frequently. She called for patronage from the Sudanese government for families to come to appreciate paintings more often.

    Speaking to Sudan Vision amateur painter Alhammam Almahi said that he draws a painting everyday and that he draws most of his paintings out of his imagination or the environment surrounding him. He also said that Sudan has a rich cultural and natural diversity that inspires painters. He attributed the low interest of Sudanese people in buying paintings to the economic situation the country is undergoing, considering that Sudanese people see buying paintings as an act of luxury, not necessity. The foreigners, he said, like all kinds of painting and pay generously because they appreciate the value of art and what the painter goes through to produce a painting. He pointed out it is important to take part in international art fairs to gain more experience.

    By Ibrahim Al-Jack
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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