Saudi Arabia Bars Al Bashir from Crossing Airspace

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    Saudi authorities have prevented Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al Bashir's plane from entering the kingdom's airspace.

    Al Bashir was heading to Iran Saudi authorities  barred the airplane of President Al Bashir which was headed to Iran from crossing into its airspace.

    Saudi officials were not immediately available for comment.
    It is worth noting that the airplane is wet leased Saudi airplane and had its permission to cross the Saudi Arabia airspace.
    The President was accompanied by each of the Presidential, Foreign, Agriculture, and Investment Ministers.
    Sudanese authorities are still waiting for the official stance of the Saudi government.
    Khartoum airport authorities said, in a statement, that the Saudi authorities bared the airplane from crossing its airspace despite its knowledge that the President of the Republic was onboard.

    By Staff Writer
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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