Fahmi in Khartoum as his First ever Foreign Destination

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    Khartoum – Sudanese Foreign Minister denied that his country launched an initiative to contain the crisis in Egypt, stating that what is happening in Egypt is an internal affair.

    The decision not to interfere in Egyptian affairs was taken by the entire government not only the National Congress, Foreign Minister Ali Karti said. This decision was declared and will continue to be the position of the government because the solution should be reached among Egyptians, he added.

    The official position is to support Egypt and the Egyptian people to reach a peaceful accord, he said, hoping that Egypt and its leaders will be able to reach a solution on their own not from a third party.

    The Minister said that relations between Khartoum and Cairo will continue and each country will remain committed to protect the security of the other country.

    Sudan will not hesitate to make any efforts that would assist in reaching agreement, Mr. Karti said, adding that relations between the two countries are historic and deep-rooted and they continue to receive the attention of the two leaders.

    Meanwhile, the Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi said the choice of Sudan to be the first destination of foreign trip is not because of its historic role towards Egypt but because of the importance of Sudan for Egypt.

    Discussion with Minister Karti focused on over 20 issues largely dealing with bilateral relations between the two countries and others related to African issues, Fahmi said.

    He said the two countries agreed to activate economic cooperation to develop a joint national vision for the coming phase. Other challenges are also tackled with Minister Karti such as the issue of water and the African Union decisions against Egypt, expecting Sudan to play a role in supporting the stance of Egypt.

    The Egyptian Foreign Minister said his visit to Sudan is a clear message that his country looks forward to cooperation between the two countries, adding that Sudan can play a major role to assist Egypt. He stressed the need to resolve any problems the two countries are encountering.

    The Egyptian Foreign Minister said the African Union Peace and Security Council was hasty in its decision against Egypt because it did not study the situation in Egypt.

    By Hana Abdul Hai
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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