DRA Chairman Calls for Disarming the Darfur Tribes

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    Khartoum - The Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) Chairman, Dr. Al-Tijani Al-Sisi, called on the Darfuri stakeholders to engage in an inter-community dialogue to discuss the Darfur issues to explore mechanisms

    which address the root-causes of the conflict. Al-Sisi considered as a big mistake   the dissolution of native administration which he said it was badly needed to contain tribal conflicts. Speaking at the forum organized by UNAMID civil affairs section yesterday on the causes of conflict in Darfur, and the possibility of coexistence, Al-Sisi  said the federal system was the most optimal for governance in Sudan, noting that  recently   regional and international interventions bedeviled the conflict in the region.
    The DRA chairman put stress on disarming the Darfuri tribes on the ground that the spread of weapons in the region culminated in the intensification of conflict, turning it from one between the governments and rebel movements into intertribal conflict.

    Al-Sisi lashed at the local governments act issued in 1971 as the root- cause for tribal conflicts, in addition to aggravating the crisis and leading to the appearance of militias. “That act gave birth to new localities and villages with new borders which extended beyond traditional Hawakirs (land ownership)”.  The way out of the current crisis as envisaged by Al-Sisi was to involve stakeholders while questing for a peaceful settlement as, according to him, they were part of the problem, in addition to enforcing the state authority. He equally  stressed  on  follow-up and  honoring  of  the  reconciliation agreements through  the strength of will and  power of the state , warning against returning to square one.

    In a related development, the Sudanese government renewed rejection of a peace deals with JEM-Jibril and other factions on bases other than the Doha peace agreement. The government said it would   deal with movements opposed to the peace process as anti to peace. “We will not talk about imminent  peace deals with movements opposed to the peace process, but we only invite them to join the Doha peace process if they so wanted,”  the official in charge of  the office for follow-up of the Darfur peace said ,  following his meeting with the Arab League representative and the EU ambassador to Sudan. Dr. Amin Hassan Omer further added that their position was backed by the EU and the UN, calling on the international community to pressure rebel movements into adhering to the African Union call and join the peace process without prior conditions. He ruled out discussion of the Darfur issue outside the Doha peace agreement.
    Amin went  on to  disclose that his meeting with the two diplomats focused on the inauguration of the Arab league projects in Sudan and the latter’s contribution to the improvement of humanitarian conditions in Darfur, in addition to the international chief mediator efforts to bring non-signatories of DDPD to   join. UNAMID plans to arrange for the Darfur-Darfur dialogue, tribal reconciliations and improvement of relations between Khartoum and Juba were also discussed at the meeting.

    By Hanna Abdul Hai
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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