SRF Commander Defects from SPLA

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    Ed Damazin – Brig. Abdallah Ali Fadul, a prominent member of the SPLA and commander in the 2nd Division of the so-called Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), has announced his defection from the SPLA in execution of the

    decision of senior commanders of Division Ten regarding the need to vacate the Division's HQs and return to Blue Nile.

    Addressing a press conference in Damazin which was covered by SMC, Fadul explained that rank and file of Division Ten are convinced of the futility of continuing under the leadership of Malik Agar to realize their demands. He said a number of SRF leaders held a meeting with Agar in Soda area where they underlined the need to reach an agreement with the government and to differentiate between personal ambitions and issues of the state.

    Fadul said he will work for the return of the leaders hailing from the Blue Nile to their areas because of their worsening situation in South Sudan.

    Meanwhile, governor of the Blue Nile State, Hussein Yassin has urged those who have taken up arms to benefit from the amnesty declared by the President of the Republic and return to their State to contribute towards development and reconstruction.

    By (SMC)

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