More than 10 Thousand Deportees from Saudi Arabia Back Home

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    Khartoum - The Secretary-General of Sudanese Working Abroad Secretariat (SSWA), Dr. Karar Al-Tuhami said the ad hoc committee comprised of the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Labor and National

    Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), in addition to SSWA was working to remove all difficulties facing deportees from Saudi Arabia.
    "Deportees have been exempted of taxes and their dependents conditions fully harmonized at all educational levels" he said at a radio conference yesterday, adding, the committee work was progressing well, and that most of the deportees have received their accruals. He estimated that the number of deportees would exceed 20 thousand, with approximately 10 thousand already back home. He further added that immigration and population studies centre was collecting information to study the social impact of deportation.
    The Secretary-General disclosed that their secretariat was making contacts with voluntary organizations to facilitate reintegration of deportees in their communities, In addition to benefiting from their acquired skills.
    For his part, Sudan's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Abdul Hafiz Ibrahim said the embassy launched awareness campaigns to enlighten Sudanese in all parts of the Kingdom on taking advantage of the period given for harmonization of their conditions. He added that the Kingdom decision was for identifying people who illegally  entered the Kingdom, noting that the move would legalize the residence of labor force, as well as it would preserve their rights  against exploitation. He pointed out that contacts were made with Saudi authorities to remove difficulties facing illegal residents, and that nearly 560 Sudanese have legal residence permits.
    Commenting on the recent chaos developments staged by members of some African communities in Manfuha, Riyadh, in protest of deportation, and in which one Sudanese youth was killed, the ambassador said Sudanese were not a party to that chaos, and they have been known for tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

    By Ibrahim Al-Jack
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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