Haroun: Construction of Bara/Jabra/Omdurman Next Year

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    Al-Obeid–North Kordofan Governor, Ahmed Haroun announced that the beginning of next year will witness the start of the work in the construction of Bara/Jabra/Omdurman highway.

    This came during his address of launching of Bara Locality headquarters, adding that the construction of the highway comes as part of the Chinese loan.
    He disclosed that his government had set a plan aiming at reducing the expenditure and rationalizing spending, adding that the constitutional posts holder allowances will be reduced by 20% and 10% from the MPs allowances in favour of Kordofan Renaissance programme.
    He lauded the great role of the Workers Union of North Kordofan for its continuous support to the renaissance programme.
    For his part, Bara Locality Commissioner, Al-Toum Al-Fadil Suleiman, affirmed that the locality is distinguished by enormous resources which will assist in the implementation of development projects in the state.

    By Staff Writer
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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