Al Bashir Addresses NCP Shura Council

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    Khartoum - Chairman of the ruling NCP and President of the Republic Omer Hassan Al Bashir will address today the party Shura Council Eighth Session. Al Bashir reportedly chaired last Thursday the NCP leading office at

    which the agenda for the Shura council meeting has been approved. Following the meeting, deputy NCP chairman Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie said the leading office has also approved the recommendation of the discipline board freezing the membership of nine members and dismissing three others for the positions they took on the party reform.
    According to Dr. Nafie, stripping the dismissed of membership of the NCP would not require a decision since they announced that they would form a new party, a move he says was opposed to the NCP basic rules. In this same context, the leading office reportedly decided to add more members to the reform committee it has already formed to allow for more representation to states. "The reform committee will meet with the party chairman and his deputy for consultations on the implementation of the proposed addition of new members from the states," said Nafie.
    He reportedly added that the office was also briefed by head of NCP economic sector on the performance of the economic reform program as to social support package, increase of revenues and cut down of expenditure. Furthermore, the office was said to have heard a brief report on the outgoing organizational session and the other to start by next year to pave the way for the party preparations for elections.
    Asked about whether the leading office discussed the anticipated cabinet reshuffle, Nafie said this issue was out of question, playing down the party ministers tendering in their resignations to the leading office as, according to him, the issue was discussed and approved at the level of party sectors.
    On the other hand, Nafie described as grave some opposition parties' adoption of the revolutionary front program. "We were aware of some parties having connections with the revolutionary front, but these parties public admission of that should be considered as a grave development," he said.

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    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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