Presidency of the Republic Eulogizes Minister of Industry Abdul-Wahab Mohamed Osman

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    Khartoum - The Minister of Industry Engineer Abdul Al-Wahab Mohamed Osman who passed away on Thursday morning in the Jordanian capital, Oman, after a lifetime of dedication to the country and its citizens in different fields.

    The Presidency said in an obituary that the late Osman had served the nation with self-denial seeking the reward from Allah and satisfaction of the people.
    Engineer Osman was born in 1953 in Alti town, Gezira State, graduated as civil engineer in the University of Khartoum in 1978, worked as an engineer at the Railways Corporation, General Manager of Dan Fodio Charitable Foundation, Minister of Urban Planning of Khartoum State government and Federal Minister of Roads and Bridges.
    He served as the Minister of Industry until his death.

    By (SUNA)

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