How will Sudanese Opposition Parties React Following Security Breakthrough between Two Sudans?

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    The Sudanese political opposition forces will remain undetected from the so called Sudan Revolutionary Front. The puppet political parties have resorted to the rebel movement to help them topple the Sudanese government by force.

    In turn, the rebel movement is seeking public support internally through the political organizations because the state of South Sudan is no longer ready to support or harbor anti Sudan groups.
    After more than years of support, Juba has realized that supporting the anti Khartoum rebel is useless to topple the powerful and the widely supported government.
    The support has neither toppled nor undermined the Sudanese because the Sudanese political parties are living deplorable and sad situations to hammer up the ruling National Congress peacefully in the coming elections.
    These parties have never made use of the experiment of the American  major parties which prepares themselves for the elections to come once the campaign has ended.
    The opposition will see more deplorable situation especially the breakthrough that Sudan and South Sudan have made in Khartoum.
    The two sides issued a statement lauding the spirit of transparency, seriousness, strong and genuine desire to resolve all complaints and concerns which was prevalent during the meetings.
    The two sides agreed that their respective armies would handle all the logistical aspects for joint field teams to be stationed on agreed border points. Setting up more border points is to be done after consultation between military intelligence chiefs and military attaches.

    They also agreed to bolster communication between intelligence and security heads in the two countries for serious exchange of ideas and resolution of any disputes.
    Armies of both countries will also withdraw and re-deploy in accordance with the map provided by the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP).
    The Sudanese government insists that addressing security issues should be the prerequisite for implementing other cooperation accords signed last year.

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