Blue Nile: Life Returns to Normal in Areas Affected by Floods

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    Damazin – Blue Nile government confirmed that life returned to normal in a number of areas affected by the rain and floods at Geissan and Bao localities, indicating that floods and rains have caused significant damage to the property without the existence of any casualties in lives.

    Information Minister of the state, Khalda Abu Al-Aila, commented on what reported by one of the newspapers that there are mistakes in the design of Roseires Dam, by confirming that such news is baseless, considering that the engineering works is not the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information, but to other competent authorities. She tackled the major benefits that state and Sudan in general will gain from increase of water harvesting and agricultural areas, in addition to the electric and fish stock.
    Khaleda praised the attention and follow-up of the governor and his government, along with the efforts of the regular forces, civil society organizations, youth and student organizations and women in warding off the effects of the floods and rains that swept a number of areas, and providing food and shelter for the affected citizens.
    With respect to the health and educational conditions, the minister confirmed the stability of the health situation in all parts of the state, due the efforts of the Ministry of Health at the state and relevant organizations.
    The minister praised the visit by the Minister of the Interior to the Blue Nile State, accompanied by the Higher Committee for Emergency to check on the situation.

    By Mohamed Omer El-Haj
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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