Sudan Vision Honors Press Legend on its Tenth Anniversary

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    The prominent journalist, Mahjoub Mohamed Salih expressed appreciation of Sudan Vision honoring him, describing the initiative as symbolic of honoring the Sudanese press and the first generation of journalists who

    have laid the foundation stone for press industry in the country. Saleh who is the Editor-in-Chief of Al Ayam Daily and winner of the Golden Pen Award said Sudan Vision's decade-long continuity and its entry of a new one could be seen as miraculous in view of the difficulties facing the press industry in Sudan. Former English language newspapers in Sudan lasted for less than two years, he added. Salih further stressed the role of English language press, saying it has marked the beginning of his professional career. "You are the ones holding the pen instead of the gun," Saleh addressed the participants in the honoring ceremony Sudan Vision gave last Thursday on the occasion of its tenth anniversary which was attended by a number of editors-in-chief of local dailies, the Secretary-General of Press and Publications Council, TV channels and news agencies, in addition to the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Journalists Union.

    Al-Obeid Murawah the Secretary-General of  the Press and Publications  Council valued the honoring of Saleh, describing it as a fortunate initiative  due to Salih  non-stop contribution to the  profession for more than  half a century, given the difficulties that have continued to face Arabic and English newspapers.

    Taking the floor, the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Journalists Union, Al-Fateh Al-Sayed said the honoring of Salih fosters a lot of implications as , according to him, the man has been in the profession for more than (60) years, hence becoming a reliable reference  to  journalistic practices.

    For his part, the Editor-in-Chief of Akhir Lahza daily, Mustafa Abu Al-Azayem said he was proud of working with Salih for one year, describing that period as the richest in his career, and  valuing Sudan Vision honoring of Salih as an unprecedented event in the history of the Sudanese press. He went on to hail Sudan Vision's stability which has enabled it to achieve record continuity.

    Hassan Al-Batari, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Al-Sahafa Daily spoke of Salih as a founder of a school which has added much to the Sudanese journalistic practices, saying all have learnt from that school which is still feeding the field.

     In his turn, the Editor-in-Chief of Al Khartoum Daily highlighted the big role Salih played to illuminate the way before Sudanese press, affirming that no-one can be more deserving of honoring.

    The Editor-in-Chief of Al Sudani Daily, Dhya El-Deen Bilal portrayed Sudan Vision honoring of Mahjoub as an initiative expressive of all Sudanese sectors look at the man, expressing hope that Salih's contribution will continue, while wishing Sudan Vision a new successful decade.

    It should be noted that Sudan Vision will give a full coverage of  the celebration next week.

    By Hana Abdul Hai - Zuleikha Abdul Raziq
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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