Qatar Red Crescent Aids Flood Victims in Sudan

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    More than 8,000 people have benefited from assistance provided by Qatar Red Crescent and the Organisation of the Islamic Call.

    The project came in response to the appeal launched by the Sudanese Red Crescent for the benefit of those afflicted by the rain and floods that swept through Sudan.
    A joint amount of QR 400,000 has been allocated for preliminary emergency aid, including mosquito nets, mattresses, water and blankets, after a visit to the area of Ambdah to assess the situation and to identify the urgent needs.
    Around 1,350 homes have been completely destroyed, around 1,588 homes partially destroyed and over 14,500 people were affected by the rains and floods in Ambdah.
    Health and education services including schools and kindergartens have been wiped out, leading to a critical decline in health and children being unable to attend schools.
    A QRC team also visited Alkriab, Marabie al-Sharaf and Almostapha districts, where large numbers of families have been left homeless without food and clothing and where 20 people were killed.
    Statistics from national organisations revealed that around 800 homes have been completely destroyed and 1,062 partially destroyed in these areas; leaving around 9,300 people homeless.
    QRC has made a series of recommendations including the distribution of non-food items to the affected populations and the immediate commencement of rehabilitation and construction of health facilities, rapid intervention projects in water and sanitation in order to minimise the impact of declining health conditions, the reconstruction of housing and educational institutions and mosques.
    Saleh al-Muhannadi,the Secretary General of QRC, explained that the organisation was keen to offer support to those affected in Sudan through its collaboration with the Organisation of  the Islamic Call.
    “Our primary mission in the QRC is to support communities facing crises and humanitarian tragedies, allowing them to enjoy a safe and dignified life,” al-Muhannadi said.
    “In light of this, we find that the current situation in Sudan requires our immediate action in order to contribute to the development of a clear plan and strive to provide financial resources for the reconstruction of facilities, the provision of safe drinking water, the contribution to environmental sanitation and the elimination of waste and mosquito breeding points and providing toilets and other facilities that will contribute to a healthy and suitable environment for human life.”

    By (Gulf Times)

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