Terms of Use

The terms and conditions of use Alnilin portal
1-Terms and Conditions Service

Hello to our page Terms of Use in the (Alnilin gate), the contents of this page is the text of an agreement between you and, use the services offered by the site means you're acknowledging and approving the entire terms and conditions listed below and you accepted and approved before use Any service of (Alnilin gate) and you can if you do not agree to all the terms and conditions to refrain from access to the site
2-Customs General
A / Alnilin  monitors touring the sites may be used or disclosed to legal reasons and reasons of any information received from you or collected about you through your use of the site
B / Alnilin full right to change, modify, add or remove any portion of this Agreement in whole or in part at any time to be published these changes on Alnilin  portal and right gate Alnilin to change, suspend or stop any aspect or part from the site at any time as well as the right to Alnilin gate to impose restrictions on some services and to identify and access to parts of its location or to the site in its entirety without warning and without bearing any responsibility
C / Your participation in Alnilin gate through forums in (discussion forums) or data entry or upload files or your participation in any type of interactive services and communication means you're acknowledging fully the right full and absolute agreement and undiminished and is specified spatially and inalienable to use Alnilin gate or copied or made a license, or adapt, or distribute, or show, or reproduce or liberation or inspired or check or invest such content and communications in any of the means now known or means appear in the future. And this falls right of any request or claim against Niles gate for any real or alleged violations of any kind of intellectual property rights or rights to advertising or rights of privacy or rights of communication
D / We would like to inform you that the movement and curfews to and from the site Alnilin is not a secret, and your communications vulnerable to unchallenged others or read others and send information through your contacts that you make through the site Niles not imply a contract or a confidential relationship or fiduciaries between you and gate Alnilin Except as indicated by the terms and conditions of this Agreement
 3-Subscriptions and passwords

Following the completion of any registration process in Alnilin gate or any of its services and then choose the title of organic and password (the passage) becomes responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and membership and your responsibility full and complete all activities that occur using your password and you agree that learning Alnilin portal about it
A /
Any illegal use of your membership account or your password you immediate reporting Alnilin
B / check out (close your account) after the end of the tour at any of the services gateway Alnilin and Alnilin Gate is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from a failure to implement what is contained in this paragraph
4-Privacy Policy

The data you provide when you register in Niles gate or any of its services to the policy of respect for the privacy and security of information portal in Niles and further details,

Please read that page

5-Intellectual property in Alnilin gate

A / All copyrights and other means of multimedia portal in Alnilin protected altogether under the law and other copyright laws
B / portal contents Alnilin. Available only for your personal, non-commercial use and all this content belongs to (Alnilin gate) or managed by him or by the providers of the content and you have to abide by all additional observations or our limitations on copyright whatever
C /is strictly prohibited to copy or save any of the contents of the  Alnilin portal for purposes not characterized as personal and non-commercial without prior written permission from the gate of Niles, where you may download one copy of the content or of any materials that are downloadable and conservation in portal Niles, for your personal use only. Non-commercial
6-Behavior and routers Members

By joining Alnilin portal or any of its services, you represent and adhere to the following
Age has exceeded eighteen years. The exception requires the approval of a guardian
You will not lift or place or carry or published or sent or distributed by through Niles any portal of the following
A - material that contains software viruses or any harmful contents
B - material that contains information, software or any contents of a commercial nature or materials involving commercials of any kind
C - materials contain misleading or false information or naked truth
D - materials that are aggressive and racist or abuse of the Creator and the heavenly religions, books, angels and apostles
E - materials that contain lies and nonsense or slander or threat illegal including profanity and obscene or pornographic obscenity and pornography nationality or calling for wines and facilitator of various types or nature of criminal or require responsibilities criminal and civil or that violate Laws International
7-Channels and contents of the portal site Alnilin

A - site contains (Alnilin gate) links and references to Internet sites and sources around the world and links via billboards, therefore Alnilin portal and offshoots has no liability and does not represent any kind of authentication on the contents of those sites and portal Niles is responsible for opinions and views and ideas, statements and information that are imposed or distributed and published through and do not represent the point of view the sites concerned, and your reference to any acceptance to such views and opinions and ideas, reports and statements and information but being at your own risk fully, and reserves the gate Niles according to estimates correct any defects or errors in any part of the portal Niles. adhere as much as possible in the channels and edited by a team work Niles integrity and honesty and accuracy in information and ensure the highest level of authenticity
B - Portal Niles is not responsible for material published in its pages and recorded by users, visitors and members because it cannot review all published material, which represent the views of authors and do not represent the opinion of the site, and in any case retains Alnilin portal right permanent and when necessary to detect any information which would benefit justice. The Portal also keeps in Alnilin entire erase any material, revise or reject it in the case of defined according to its estimates Alnilin inconsistent with the terms and conditions of service

Alnilin gate disclaims bear any responsibility for the content of any third party material available through links and links on the site gate Niles, as well as the content of any material is disseminated via the forums or any of the other services that allow members or visitors to participate
9-Choice of law

Being judged in this Convention and interpreted in accordance with international laws without regard to variation of the legal provisions, any act or conduct contrary to this agreement is subject to the authority of the judicial exclusively Cons the incumbent government in the competent court
10-Entire Agreement and disclaim responsibility

This agreement represents a full contract between you and Alnilin portal Once you using for Alnilin  portal site and that any claim on any disposal of the using the gate Niles, must be filed within one year of submitting the objection or the cause of the said act
If the court found competent jurisdiction for any reason you cannot implement any of the terms of the agreement or any part thereof apply this item to the maximum limits authorized the award and where is the implementation of the Convention on the feeder to keep all terms and conditions and provisions of the agreement continue in full force and effect