Implementation of Development, Services Projects will Continue; Al Bashir

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    Khartoum – President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Hassan Al Bashir has said that the state will continue to implement development projects despite internal and external challenges.

    The President said that an inclusive economic conference will be convened next month to review the economic policies that regulate the economic activity in the country. He praised the citizens who had shown an understanding of the reasons for the recent economic measures that led to lifting of the fuel subsidies.

    The understanding of the people did not prohibit the enemies from exploiting the economic package, in order to carry out acts of violence, including looting and sabotage, the President said in his address yesterday, to a ceremony marking the change of Setet River Course, organized by the Dams unit.

    President Al Bashir added that the Setet and Atbara Rivers' projects will contribute towards development in Eastern Sudan and will resolve the problem of water in Gedarif state, including agricultural projects in an area estimated at 800 thousand acres.

    He lauded the contributions made by some friendly countries, along with the Arab development funds made towards the dams' projects in the country.

    The President promised to compensate the people affected by the establishment of the Dam by building cities equipped with necessary services.

    The President said the airport that will be established as part of the developments projects will be named after Wad Zaed, tribal chief of Dabayna.

    Al Bashir praised the generosity of the Sudanese people, calling on them to hold fast to the true path of Allah and unify their ranks to safeguard stability in the country.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, Osama Abdellah said that the change of the course of Setet River constitutes a new start for water development projects, stating that the project aims to generate 320 MW of electricity, besides contributing to agricultural development, including the resettlement of 30 thousand families.

    By Zuleikha Abdul Raziq
    (Sudan Vision Daily)

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